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Last moments

10.-17. Marz - 7 nights

21 900 CZK - max. 4 persons, every next person 500 CZK/whole stay.

10.-15. Marz - 5 nights

12 500 CZK  max. 4 persons, every next person 400 CZK/whole stay.

15.-17. Marz - weekend

10 500 CZK max. 7 persons, every next person 500 CZK/whole stay.


14.-17. Marz

13 500 CZK max. 7 persons, every next person 500 CZK/whole stay. 

20.-22. Marz

6 800 CZ - max. 4 persons, every next person 500 CZK/whole stay.

Last moment prices do not include electricity consumption. This is paid according to the actual consumption on the spot. Can be minimized by using a fireplace stove.

Chalet Bedrichov is an ideal place to meet family or friends

Can also be used for various sports camps or corporate events

There are 3 separate rooms. 

2 rooms with 3 beds and 1 extra bed in each room. 

1 room with 6 beds 

1 common room with large table and seating for up to 12 people.

Cozy mountain chalet


Comfortable rooms

3 rooms (2 x triple with possibility of one extra bed, 1 x six bed room) .All rooms are fully furnished including TV, clean and have quality mattresses Gold


2 x bathroom, 3 x toilet

Ski resort 

Ski Resort Malinovka offers skiing on 4,500 meters of slopes. These are wide trails of medium and low difficulty, making them suitable for families with children. The ski slopes are equipped with a snowmaking system. Night skiing takes place on the Malinovka 510 m long slope. The resort offers 6 lifts, two of them anchor type and the other Poma type. Right in the center of the ski area in Malinovka there is also a children's lift with a separate space for teaching. 

Ski Resort Malinovka

Web: www.skijizerky.cz



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Chalet Bedřichov, Bedřichov 377, 468 12, Czech republic
chaletbedrichov@seznam.cz, tel. +420 728 667 486